No Passengers: Crew only!
“Passengers” in a company are one of the biggest enemy of a GREAT Customer Service Culture!
The expression “Passenger in a company” referes itself to someone or even a team, that believes and uses one of the most fatal phrases in an organization “that’s not my job”.

If you say that often, be careful.. you might be a passenger in your company, believing all others must serve you or the Customer. We see this kind of “syndrome” in every type of business or team. It’s not something typical of a department, job or industry! They simply exist wherever you go.
If you feel like a passenger on your company, in your job, in your house, in the team you belong to, do yourself a favor and do something, if it doesn’t work, move out!
Companies can not allow themselves to have passengers on their teams.
It’s been a long time I use this aviation parallel to speak about “companies service mindset”. Often in a team you find that typical percentage (around 55%) of people who believe they just need to be there. Acting in a disconnected way, they simply exist on the organization on their day by day, and behave in a kind of zombie way, limiting themselves to react to things instead of standing up looking for opportunities or even customers!
Allow me to say, There’s only one passenger in a company and that is the Customer! Your Customer….Yes Your…
It is not THE Customer it’s YOUR Customer no matter the job you have.
Check this 3 points to make sure you’re part of the crew:
1- Proud and Believe
You feel proud of your company, your products/services and You do believe in what your company does, even if you disagree on some decisions;
2- Personal Responsibility
You know you are 100% responsible for the company results. There’s no such thing like “that’s not my job!”
3- Customer Pleasing
It’s not about Customer Thinking! All companies have “Customer thinking” or they don’t exist! It’s all about Customer Pleasing.
The difference? Customer Thinking is something you NEED to, and Customer Pleasing, is something you WANT to!
If you check this 3, congratulations for your courage of being someone you’re company is proud to have, if not, go for it, and find your place as a crew member, you’ll feel great.
To serve is a free privilege for every human being, so be a passenger when you are the Customer and still, behind a Costumer, be a good Customer, you will discover a better crew!

Smerve® YOU!
Carla Carvalho Dias