The first time Carla Carvalho Dias was invited to be a speaker in a public conference, more than 20 years ago, she established the goal of becoming an international public speaker.
Being passionate for personal transformation and organizational cultures brought her to know several countries around the world, such as Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and Singapore and developed her skills in languages. Carla’s speeches and presentations can be performed in 5 languages, making her life mission more likable to move around the world.
From then till now, Carla has spoken to more than 30.000 people between speeches and workshops. Her community could not be more diversified, not only in number, since the public goes from 5 to 1.500 people but also in profile.
Is there a specific public for her presentations and contents? No.
From teenagers and university students to operators in several areas such as construction or telecommunications, sales teams, back office teams, dentists, veterinarians, fitness industry, tourism and hotels, all of this and more has been assisting Carla’s work. This clearly shows the transversality of the concept and style of performing.

To improve service culture in Portugal and in the world is assumed as her life mission so she founded Top Service Academy® and launched SMERVE® movement.
Carla Carvalho Dias has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Coimbra University in thermodynamics and fluids. With 24 years of experience, she is the founder of Visão Integrada®, where she got specialized in corporate restructuring and reorganization, carrying out projects in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Angola.
She is a certified Coaching of individuals, teams, and organizations recognized by the ICF (International coach Federation) and was the educational coordinator in the launching of the Franchising University and Academy.
Carla’s first book was launched in November 2010: Top Service – A Escolha é SUA! (Top Service – It’s your Choice”). This book - now at its third edition - is considered a best seller in Portugal. The book is not yet translated to other languages. The second book, A Arte da Guerra no Serviço ao Cliente (The Art of War on Customer Service), was launched in December 2014 and sold out two editions, another best seller. She is now working on a third book.
Carla assumes as her life mission: ”To improve customer service culture in Portugal and around the world”. Within Top Service Academy®, to serve is a privilege not an obligation.
Carla is also the author of several articles published in different newspapers and magazines and she is often invited to moderate debates in several areas.

Her conferences and workshops are dynamic and they absolutely involve the full audience. She is passionate to mobilize people towards action and often called as “meteorite” by the way she stimulates insights and mobilizes to action. Besides being speaker and consultant, for her experience in different organizational cultures and industries, she has a wide number of examples and real histories that are easily recognized and absorbed by the audience.
A speaker with strong energy, often before facing the audience, Carla goes undercover as a customer or even candidate so that her speech goes straight to the public in an undeniable and emphatic way. All her works, public speaking or workshops start from an exhaustive alignment of her customer needs and wants.
In September 2018 Carla assumed and announced her personal brand as a public speaker, author and consultant: public presentations and workshops open to the public (Service Alive) – it has had 4 sessions since the beginning; she reinforced her online presence through social networks giving periodic service tips, top stories and reading suggestions, among other publications, such as articles. (Alive is online)
Carla launched an online platform for courses that is available for companies.
Within the new strategy Carla develops courses and tailormade programs that can be online, alive or combined, based on service culture and Servant Leadership.
Carla still does consulting for companies who want to evolve to a Service Culture.


“I Am because We Are! – it’s my favorite quote.
I believe this at home, with friends, at the office, in business or in the middle of nowhere!
I was born in 1970 and luckily lived in the country yard full of freedom and love in the north of Portugal. Mechanics, thermodynamics and music are my true passions as hobbies, working tools, inspiration and even therapy. All this never overcomes my family that comes always in first place!

In life I sign “it’s worth the dare to be different”. I state that I can improvise as long as the preparation is high. This is the answer I give when someone tells me the typical sentence, “It looks so easy.”
I assume to be crazy but… just for LIFE!

I believe feed-back is one of the 7 choices for a Top Service individual, team or organization so please do not hesitate to contact and give me your opinion. I will always take it as an enormous gesture of gratitude.