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The new reality of our world is anything but static, so, every day is an opportunity to inspire and create better leaders, better service experiences and happier people!

I learned to communicate in 5 different languages to make my mission clear, to promote the Service Culture.

I believe that companies with a strong Service Culture are the ones that stand out and will last, they are the ones that are capable of inspiring and transforming smiles into results because they work on the attitudes, agility, flexibility and resilience of their people.

I created THE SMERVE MOVEMENT® to inspire people through a set of unique attitudes that arouse a permanent desire to “smile and serve”.

I’ve inspired more than 300,000 people, in more than 6 countries and in more than 50 business areas as an International Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Trainer.

I am specialized in the development of Culture and Customer Experience and work with: Leadership; Customer Journey Mapping; Service Design; Restructuring and Reorganization Processes and Relationship Dynamics.




Carla Carvalho Dias

Let’s take the first step to raise awareness and inspire your team about the impact each one can have on the company's results?

With real stories and sharing the latest studies, I raise awareness and lead leaders and their people to develop an essential attitude to begin the process of creating or nurturing their Service Culture.

The importance of the Customer experience is often forgotten or even underrated.
Awareness is the first step towards change.

Let's talk about the best ways to inspire your people?



Carla Carvalho Dias

Let's talk about how to design and streamline the service culture that will make you unique?

Systems and processes are the architecture of the service culture. Controlling its accuracy becomes more necessary when it depends not on one but on the attitude of all people. Developing a customer-centric service culture is crucial and requires the adaptation of processes, structures and, above all, attitudes that can inspire and prepare people to elevate the service to their customers. The objective is to create a remarkable experience, to the point of generating the desire to recommend your brand, or your company.

Let's talk about the best way to design and improve your service culture?



Carla Carvalho Dias

Let's talk about how to align and mobilize your employees towards a customer centric culture?

The true potential of people develops not only when they are shown the way, but when each one discovers the purpose of following it.

There may be good service without training, but it's leaving your company's culture to chance.

There is no good service without technique and training as there are no winning athletes without training and technique.

Let's talk about the best way to train your people in a service culture?


Carla is by definition someone who makes things happen, things that go by the name of motivation, teamwork, focus on results and true customer service, which end up being translated into a “bottom line” for those organizations that have the courage and foresight to follow this path.

Administrator - Porto Comercial

Carla’s messages are simple, unprejudiced, practical and comprehensive. The Service of Excellence, which in itself has such profound messages, reaches everyone in an understandable, clear and applicable way. Carla has this innate ability: to make complex things simple, combined with a unique humor and limitless creativity. It is for me a service reference in Portugal and has a professionalism that is difficult to match.

HR Business Partner - Sonae

I heard about Carla Dias through a participant in a Portugal Telecom event a few years ago, in which Carla Dias had played an important role. Fortunately, Carla accepted the challenge and her performance was a success... truly one of the most mentioned moments by all the participants...

Antonio Batalha
Vice President Europe, Middle East & Africa - Swiss Re Europe S.A., Sucursal en España

It had a huge impact on how it motivated our people to be more committed and attentive to the Service they provide to our customers. Since that time the improvements in customer service have been noticed, it is curious to see the way she informally treats our people... a nice and smart way to remind them that they represent a “Top Service”, and also the responsibility that each one has in that area.

Rosalina Batista
Human Resources Manager - Belmond Reid's Palace

Carla doesn't follow standards. Carla thinks and works outside the box! She made us look at everything in a new and different way. Carla and the way she dedicated herself to this initiative was crucial to its success and are truly inspiring!

Maarten Vrijaldenhoven
Managing Director - Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Portugal

I had the privilege of hearing Carla for the first time in Funchal a few years ago and it simply saved my life. Her words were the catalyst for a big change.

Fernando Bandrés
Operational Manager - Soltrópico

The "Top Service, It's Your Choice" session was exceptional. An hour and a half of team motivation capable of largely surpassing the available material.

Engº Alcino Lavrador
Administrator - PT Inovação

It was a very special customer who told us about Carla Carvalho Dias: he had done an activity with Carla and he praised her... We did 3 sessions with Carla and they were exceptional! The ISDIN team loved it and the feedback from our customers couldn't be better...

Ana Carlota Agulheiro
Country Manager - Isdin Portugal

We all think that we provide the best service in the world and that we couldn't be friendlier and more affable with our customers, or with those around us... Until the day we met Carla Carvalho Dias! And then yes, we discovered that we have been sleeping on the "road of service" and we realized that "serving is an art"...

Joana Sousa
General Manager - Laboratoire Bioderma Portugal

I'm sure the mark you left us will remain forever. We're going to be a different team... it's impossible to remain indifferent to the way you've shown us that it's possible to live and see reality differently!

Isabel Pereira da Silva
HR Operational Manager - SonaeMC

The dynamic that was passed during its intervention and the interest it aroused in all the participants exceeded our expectations.

Beatriz Rubio

With Carla Carvalho Dias, each day of work or socializing corresponds (at least) to a new lesson and a good dose of smiles. Carla Carvalho Dias' vision is oriented towards customer satisfaction. I follow her teachings in my daily life.

Nuno Gomes
CEO - RE/MAX Prestige

The union between Carla and Toyota has been an unprecedented experience, marked by surprising moments, heartfelt laughter and endless sharing.

Ana Dias
Trainer at Toyota Sales Academy

Carla Carvalho Dias is a very special human being, she has the ability to surprise a team on the positive side, to raise the quality of service to a very high level, whether in human relations or in professional dealings. She does it with great objectivity as it is a theme that she presents with great mastery and contagious energy.

Samuel Soares
General Manager - Samsys

There are two types of consultants: those who speak and those who do. Carla is clearly the second type. Works really well, fast and hard. Direct, simple and friendly. I loved it...

Bernard Secretin
General Manager - Margão, Mccormick Portugal

The lecture was, without a doubt, a very enriching and rewarding moment, embodied in a powerful presence on stage, which we hope to be able to repeat and develop together.

João Martins
General Manager - Maxfinance

Extremely professional, open-minded, with constructive thinking and out of the box. That's what makes working with Carla so precious! I particularly appreciate your precision, straight to the point and your expertise, always with a positive and friendly attitude.

Alberto Silva
Vision Care Director - Essilor

Carla's energy and dynamics are second to none and her experience and knowledge are totally differentiating. The high level of excellence of Carla's services brought added value and different perspectives that allow our teams to evolve and transpose into a practical world with new horizons and maximum motivation. We will continue to work together and always at the highest level. Carla, your service is TOP SERVICE!

Altino Osório
Founder & CEO - AMCO Crédito

Carla is an amazing professional with a world of experience. Quickly sees issues or difficulties and comes up with highly creative approaches to solving problems and inspiring people towards action.

Constance Ruiz
Founder and CEO - PERSONAL 20 USA

the smerve ® movement

Let’s inspire people to smile and serve.

Carla Carvalho Dias Speaker Consultant Trainer


do you smerve ®?

SMERVE®, smile and serve!

Two essential behaviors to transform your culture into a Service Culture. I put them together in one word – SMERVE® – to explain such a simple attitude, and to be genuine, it has to be worked on every day with everyone in the company, promoting awareness of the power that the people have to transform your company, your structure, its processes and its attitudes in a business model totally centered on the experience that the customer wants and expects from you, your people and your brand at ALL points of contact.


if you smerve ®
you deserve

Albert Einstein once said that “Only a life lived for others is worthwhile”. Every day I come across so many people, so many lives that, in a more anonymous or visible way, fulfill their purpose of surprising and serving with a smile. The desire to share good examples and reward in what I consider the most important way, with recognition, inspired me to create an action to make known and recognize people and brands that deserve visibility for the top service they provide in Portugal and in the world. Don’t be surprised if one day you receive the recognition – YOU SMERVE®, YOU DESERVE!



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