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“I Am because We Are”. It’s one of my favorite phrases and I believe in it, at home, with friends, at the office and in my professional career because that’s what makes sense to me.

I was born in 1970, so I was lucky to walk through the countryside, with a lot of freedom and joy that characterizes me as a typical “Minhota”. Mechanics, thermodynamics and music are all passions and they are also my mental work tools for inspiration and even therapeutics, which never overlap with the family which I always put first!

In life I agree that the boldness of difference is worth it and that is why I say that I have the luxury of improvising, as long as the preparation is spotless.

The need to prepare myself in the modern days is increasing as I see, more and more, that the impact of the change in the Customer’s behavior happens at an almost immediate rate and ends up leaving deep marks on companies, on people, on their beliefs, on their habits and behaviors.

Today, one of my most complex challenges is to determine which are the behaviors and trends of the Customers who are here to stay and which ones may go away. Only then can I help companies and people to invest in the right business models, strategies, resources or capabilities, identifying and inspiring them to understand what really matters to the experience of all their Customers.

This challenge is supported by more than 25 years of consultancy, internal diagnostics, formation of companies in which I had the opportunity to attend and participate in many restructuring processes as a founding partner of Visão Integrada, a company specialized in innovating in corporate restructuring and reorganization with projects in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Angola and it was precisely the path during these projects that inspired me to evolve my company to a closer brand, my personal brand Carla Carvalho Dias who, as a consultant, trainer and public speaker, has as a life mission:

“Contributing to the improvement of the service culture in Portugal and in the world”, consolidating business models with better leadership, happier people and greater results.

I have learned to communicate in 5 different languages and have inspired more than 300,000 people in 6 countries and over 50 business areas, making my life mission known to the world as an International Keynote Speaker specialized in: Leadership, Culture of Service, Changement, Customer, Employee and User Experience, through the manifesto I created to serve my purpose, THE SMERVE MOVEMENT®.

My passion for the personal transformation and culture of organizations led me to the certification in coaching individuals, teams and organizations, recognized by the ICF – International Coach Federation, and later, to specialization in Customer experience.

For me, sharing is essential. I do this as the author of two books: “Top Service – The Choice is YOURS!” and “The Art of War in Customer Service” with over 10,000 copies sold and all the experience of over 25 years in the field.

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