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My life mission in a “war” phase

As many of you know, some don’t, I work in service and its culture.

There are a lot of people who can’t stay home.
Those people go beyond the professionals of health, security and aviation, and unfortunately, there are also people that are exposed to the danger on goods that are not essential.
I am at home, with my kids, because I have that possibility. I have supported a lot of Clients online in Portugal and outside of Portugal, obviously without any paying.
I would like to EXTEND THAT SUPPORT to anybody who feels it could be useful and not only clients.
I would like to inform that I AM AVAILABLE to support online anyone that needs it or thinks it could be useful: support, tips or even coaching, which I rarely say I am, but in reality, I am.
My availability depends on the time I have, which for the wrong reasons, is quite a lot.
If you want or think that I could be useful for your team, coworkers, leaders, etc. you just have to send an email to: ccd@servicealive.eu to schedule a conference call, I have the tool and it is very easy to use.
This offer is directed to ANYBODY and not only clients.
If everyone helps with what they can do, maybe all of this will be easier for everybody. As far as i’m concerned, this is the help I can give at this moment. If I think of any other ways, I will do them. If anyone has any other ways I can help, please contact me and tell me.

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