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Customer service is free by Seth Godin

Seth Godin

(Customer service is expensive)

Of course it’s expensive. You’ll need to hire people inclined to be empathic and kind. You’ll need to provide systems and training and support. You’ll need to avoid shortcuts and treat people better than the minimum required to get through the day. And you’ll need to trust your people to do what’s right.

But all of that expense–it’s the cheapest way to spread the word about what you do.

Great customer service pays for itself.

There are many situations where no customer service at all also pays for itself. Google spends not a nickel on helping people with many of the services they offer… and the money they save is spent on something else that permits them to grow.

It’s the in-between spots, the choice of low customer service, or nearly enough–that’s when it’s simply a waste of time and money.

The single biggest marketing bargain remains a customer who chooses to recruit new customers.

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